So a sweet lady mailed me to ask why "Outta.School Schneerson" instead of "Izzy Schneerson" or  "Rabbi Schneerson". And right she was! I should have added that info on the Home page.
I picked 'Outta.School' because I had (have) no 'shul' (synagogue) anymore, because I don't belong to any religious 'school' at the moment, because I do not (yet) fit into a specific genre in the world of music, because I am not a part of any social circle... I am a loner, an 'Einzelganger', an Indie Author & an Indie Musician. 
And also, yes, I'm WAY TOO OLD to be in school :)

Welcome - Willkommen - Bienvenido - Bienvenue- добро пожаловать - ברוכים הבאים

Hi, how good of you to come!
I'm Izzy. I was born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, as the son of an American tourist and a Dutch girl. After a series of trades & professions (policeman, kindergarten assistant, gardener, factory worker, carpenter, software tester)  in 2008 I became a rabbi and an author. Already in high school I wrote songs but only in 2016 I began to record. I play guitar & keyboard. If you like what you find here, please leave a message :) Promise I'll answer!

Almost ready: a new song :) 

Any day now i'll publish a new song: "Through These Lands Of Metatron".  It is a part of what will become, by the grace of God, the soundscape for my book series "The Scrolls Of Metatron, and it is about the travels of the main character Yehudah through the Antechamber of the Heavens in search of The Gate.

It'll be followed within days by an ambient piece called "Metatron's Mantra".

Slowly building up my home studio... 

Twas my birthday September 24 and I used the opportunity to give myself new speakers:
Behringer Studio 50, with 2 built-in amplifiers: 1 for low tones and 1 for high tones.
Already at low volume they sound great, but at a higher volume they sound FANTASTIC.

I have NOT tried them at full volume. I have neighbors :(

Next on my wishlist: a really GOOD microphone.

Have a great weekend!!!

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